why xMOD™ ?

A platform for models dissemination

Exploit your models by giving them a new life: starting from the authoring tool, you can automatically create a vivid simulation with dedicated dashboards.

Mix stand-alone and tool coupling co-simulation

Versatile stand-alone & tool coupling co-simulation: use the most efficient tool for each modeling task.

Optimize complex model execution

Multi-core, multi-solver and multi-rate execution to boost the performance of your simulations.

Extend simulation use to non-experts

Extend simulation use to non-experts thanks to customizable user-friendly interfaces.

Ensure continuity from MiL to HiL

Exploit your models from the MiL phase until the HiL phase.

xMOD™ Keys features

At a glance


Make Your Models Work Together

Many experienced simulation engineers prefer xMOD™ because of its ease of use and its flexibility.

xMOD™ provides a heterogeneous model integration environment for models built by different persons using different languages and tools and working within different entities.

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A Virtual Experimentation Laboratory

xMOD™ is a simulation platform that adapts its interface to each engineering field: to be an expert in modeling is no longer necessary to run simulations!

The graphical user interface allows you to import your models and use your instruments by Drag’n’Drop.

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Extreme Performance

Inside of xMOD™ you find highly optimized algorithms and advanced synchronization techniques based on Multi-threading and Multi-core processing.

This allows xMOD™ to execute models embedding different solvers at different step-times on multi-core architectures, enabling drastically speeding-up complex simulations execution.

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And there is more…

 Support for Standards
Protect Your Know-How

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xMOD™ latest news

Breaking infos

  • Download a demo version of xMOD™ 2015 !

    A demo version of xMOD™ 2015  is now available for download. The trial runs for 30 days of actual use, and includes FMI 1.0 and 2.0 import. For full version evaluation please contact us.
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  • Download a demo of xMOD™ !

    A demo version of xMOD™ 2015 Pre-Release is now available for download. The trial runs for 30 days of actual use. For full version evaluation please contact us.
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  • Extending co-simulation features

    xMOD™ continues to support new simulation tools to provide additional choices to its end-users. AVL CRUISE, the AVL's vehicle and powertrain system level simulation tool, has joined the list of third part tools supported by xMOD™. This compatibility is ensured via stand alone co-simulation by using the xMOD Target. In order to simplify using xMODBuild [...]
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Last releases

  • xMOD™ 2015

    We are proud to announce the release of xMOD 2015. This new release pursues the strategy of covering the entire V cycle for our client's product development while continuing to make it even quicker and easier to use. Nowadays, powertrain experts endeavor to use simulation methodologies throughout the development process. xMOD is the only tool available [...]
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  • xMOD™ 2014

    Extending xMOD™ HiL capabilities xMOD™ 2014 gives you the opportunity to carry smoothly your models to the real-world. A new major functionality is introduced in xMOD™ to answer the growing requirements of end-users to benefit from the execution speed-up provided by xMOD™ for complex models in Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) applications. A new real-time communication driver, based on the UDP [...]
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  • xMOD™ 2013b: still more new features

    xMOD™ now integrates HiL capabilities and extends co-simulation features xMOD™ now integrates Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) capabilities and extends co-simulation features. xMOD™ 2013b is a major evolution release and comes with a natural extension of the xMOD™ product, the xMOD™ HiL solution! Its role is to extend the use of xMOD™ from MiL up to HiL applications [...]
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