Formal training is highly recommended to ensure that you obtain the most from your investment in xMOD™ Software. D2T offers two types of training (basic and advanced) throughout the year, as well as provide customer-specific on-site training. All courses are taught by our team of expert engineers who have a wide range of simulation experience. Whichever path you choose, we are confident you will benefit from our xMOD™ training offerings.

Basic training

  • xMOD™ concept presentation
  • Model import into xMOD™ methodology
  • xMOD™ model execution
  • xMOD™ edition functionalities detailed presentation
  • Exercises to help you getting more familiar with the platform

Advanced training

  • Advanced compilation of several heterogeneous models (and associated debugging methodology)
  • xMOD™ Build: Automatic compilation tool presentation
  • Model splitting methodology to optimize model execution, with multi-solver / multi-core methodology
  • Advanced hints
  • Handling  xMOD™ HiL solution with its specific drivers