xMOD™ continues to support new simulation tools to provide additional choices to its end-users. AVL CRUISE, the AVL’s vehicle and powertrain system level simulation tool, has joined the list of third part tools supported by xMOD™. This compatibility is ensured via stand alone co-simulation by using the xMOD Target.

In order to simplify using xMODBuild utility and give hints to the end-users, many enhancements are introduced. As a reminder, xMODBuild utility can be used to automatically generate an xMOD™ MIPS*. It can be viewed as an overlay for the xMOD Target. It can be used to extract the desired first-level subsystems in Simulink model and launch the compilation process using xMOD Target. The upgrade of this feature goes in line with the xMOD™ strategy by proposing an easy-to-use toolchain from MiL to HiL.

* A MIPS is the integration of various models, native blocks and input/output points in xMOD™.