xMOD™ 2014 gives you the opportunity to carry smoothly your models to the real-world. A new major functionality is introduced in xMOD™ to answer the growing needs of end-users to benefit from the execution speed-up of complex models provided by xMOD™ in HiL applications.

A new real-time communication driver, based on the UDP protocol, is developed to connect the xMOD™ HiL solution to different types of HiL platforms like dSPACE, ETAS… etc.
Furthermore, xMOD™ HiL is now able to communicate with test-bed automation software. This new capability provides an opportunity to the end users to exploit xMOD™ as a remote computing unit to execute heterogeneous and complex models provided by simulation experts.

In order to improve the multi-model capabilities for HiL applications, xMOD™ is now supporting GT-SUITE models in real-time. Users who were able to integrate GT-SUITE models in MiL and SiL can now execute their models in real-time.