xMOD transforms a model into an intuitive and interactive simulation, usable by non-experts.
This video shows how a Simulink model can be converted to an interactive simulation with rich dashboards.

xMOD Workshop Basic Tutorial covers the basic features of xMOD : exporting a Simulink model to xMOD, creating an integration (MIPS) or a Simulation project, running Simulation, updating MIPS and Simulation, creating and visualizing result file, parameters on-line calibration and importing and exporting Simulation projects.

xMOD™ simulation project of a Rankine cycle energy recovery system, involving the coupling of a Simulink control algorithm  and a Dymola plant model (imported in xMOD™ as FMU).

Demonstration of xMOD™ HiL multi-core simulation (coupling of 3 Simulink and 5 AMESim models) connected through a real-time CAN bus to a MicroAutoBox.