A major evolution with the new version of xMOD™, xMOD™2013a!

xMOD™ had already the innovative capacity to execute heterogeneous models directly in its own integration platform: the so-called stand alone co-simulation (1). xMOD™ has now the capacity to be coupled to different simulation tools running separately: this is the tool coupling co-simulation method.

A step backward? Perhaps not, because for who wants to pass through quietly to the stand alone co-simulation, the transition via tool coupling co-simulation (2) is often an essential step. In this way, xMOD™ users can get into the co-simulation while continuing to work in the same way with their usual simulation tools and only then move on the stand alone co-simulation. And if the customer wishes and according to its use cases, it can even mix the two approaches. So much is great the versatility of xMOD™.

AMESim and GT-SUITE models were already compatible with the stand alone co-simulation. Now, these tools are compatible also with the xMOD™ tool coupling co-simulation.

The new version also includes features to simplify the interaction within the xMOD™ Editor and make it as intuitive as possible.

(1) Stand alone co-simulation
Feature to execute heterogeneous models in stand alone mode in a single execution platform
(2) Tool coupling co-simulation
Feature to couple different simulation tools each one executed separately