xMOD™ now integrates HiL capabilities and extends co-simulation features

xMOD™ now integrates Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) capabilities and extends co-simulation features. xMOD™ 2013b is a major evolution release and comes with a natural extension of the xMOD™ product, the xMOD™ HiL solution! Its role is to extend the use of xMOD™ from MiL up to HiL applications with no additional effort. xMOD™ HiL solution lets engineers execute the complex and heterogeneous models built up in MiL with Windows OS the real time RTX operating system to perform HiL with advanced models. This first release of HiL features allows to integrate xMOD thanks to the new drivers which support the standards and communication protocols CAN, XCP, ASAP/A2L. Therefore, xMOD™ is now able to connect to tools like Vector CANape and can be used for electronic unit testing for example through CAN communication or any equipment compatible with the PCI-5565 board.