Extending xMOD™ HiL capabilities

xMOD™ 2014 gives you the opportunity to carry smoothly your models to the real-world. A new major functionality is introduced in xMOD™ to answer the growing requirements of end-users to benefit from the execution speed-up provided by xMOD™ for complex models in Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) applications.

A new real-time communication driver, based on the UDP protocol, is developed to connect the xMOD™ HiL solution to different types of HiL platforms like dSPACE, ETAS… etc.
Furthermore, xMOD™ HiL is now able to communicate with test-bed automation software. This new capability provides an opportunity to the end users to exploit xMOD as a remote computing unit to execute heterogeneous and complex models provided by simulation experts.
In order to improve the multi-model capabilities for HiL applications, xMOD™ is now supporting GT-SUITE models in real-time. Users who were able to integrate GT-SUITE models in MiL and SiL can now execute their models in real-time.

Extending co-simulation features

xMOD™ continues to support new simulation tools to provide additional choices to its end users. AVL CRUISE, the AVL’s vehicle and powertrain system level simulation tool, has joined the list of third-party tools supported by xMOD™. This compatibility is ensured via stand alone co-simulation by using the xMOD Target.

In order to simplify using xMODBuild utility and give hints to end-users, many enhancements are introduced. As a reminder, xMODBuild utility can be used to automatically generate an xMOD™ MIPS*. It can be viewed as an overlay for the xMOD target. It can be used to extract the desired first-level subsystems in Simulink model and launch the compilation process using xMOD Target. The upgrade of this feature goes in line with the xMOD™ strategy by proposing an easy-to-use tool chain from MiL to HiL.

* A MIPS is the integration of various models, native blocks and input/output points in xMOD.

New features

  • New UDP and TCP communication blocksets (under Windows or RTX)
  • New feature of execution of GT-SUITE RT models in real-time under RTX
  • Multi-frequency and multi-file data recording
  • Support of AVL-Cruise standalone integration
  • Support of XCP protocol in slave mode with INCA
  • Improved generation of A2L files
  • Generation of HEX files needed for calibration tools like INCA
  • New advanced graph instrument


  • Creation of a wizard for configuring watchdog parameters of the entire MIPS
  • Creation of a wizard for handling XCP servers parameters of the entire MIPS
  • Creation of an initial calibration set from the Editor


  • Improvement of xMODBuild
  • New feature for removing unused quantities
  • Bugs fixed