We are proud to announce the release of xMOD 2015. This new release pursues the strategy of covering the entire V cycle for our client’s product development while continuing to make it even quicker and easier to use.

Nowadays, powertrain experts endeavor to use simulation methodologies throughout the development process. xMOD is the only tool available which has proven its ability to do this from the design stage to validation and from MiL to HiL and even EiL (Engine in the Loop).

Thanks to this tool, each simulation expert can use his preferred tools to design a model before exchanging his models with his counterparts from other fields and collaborating easily with them. These models can then be reused efficiently throughout the entire validation process.

New Features

  • Simulation Core new functions: unique technique for context-based extrapolation, RCosim method for FMI model synchronization, load balancing technique for real-time applications and more features
  • Strong link with Simulink: create your application directly via Simulink without opening the xMOD editor
  • xMOD Express: a new interface offering simplicity and intuitiveness